About Us

eCoin Assets is an a US-based investment fund, which invests and trades cryptocurrencies only. eCoin Assets is a limited partnership established by Ross Madden and Michael D'Alessandro. eCoin Assets executes a business model that allows investors to capitalize on the growing eCoin markets without the risks involved with scams and technical barriers associated with owning, transferring, trading cryptocurrencies and tokens.


Our mission is to fetch our investors a return a massive return on investments a highly profitable eCoin portfolio with a maximum risk-adjusted rate of return. Our number one concern is helping our clients enjoy the exploding profitability of the cryptocurrency market, while protecting them from downside exposure. We are committed to developing the most successful investment strategies possible and consistantly executing. We help keep our clients informed on the complex eCoin industry using weekly newsletters and daily social media posts to show important market changes.


eCoin Assets accomplishes exponential profitability through daily monitoring and trading of successful eCoins on a variety of secure eCoin exchanges. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market offers a unique, unprecedented profit opportunity, which can be exploited through research and technical analysis. We stay one step ahead of the curve, using conglomerated news trends and predictive data analysis to hone in on market swings. Our investors lock in profits as money piles into Bitcoin and other eCoins.

We distinguish ourselves with our research and data analysis. Here at eCoin Assets we award a rocket ship award to the eCoin that offered the greatest profits. We hope to be on board many of those rocketships. In the meantime, a diverse and stable growth portfolio is achievable through extensive studies of the underlying fundamentals of each eCoin in conjunction with our eCoin volatility rating software.

Operating Principles

eCoin Assets executes on extensive market research and predictive software in order to understand market forces and accurately map the cryptocurrency ecosystem predicting the flow of investment. Our market patterns identifiers and eCoin valuation methods allow us to make concentrated investments in high growth potential eCoins. During our selection process, we carefully monitor the day to day status of relatively time-tested, high volume cryptocurrencies that are priced below fair value in accordance with our teams high standards.

We recognize the volatility and have developed risk management strategies to mitigate the downside risks and secure gains on market leading cryptocurrency exchanges. We all know volatile investments provide the greatest upside and downside. Our team of investors use following risk management and eCoin valuation principles to maximize portfolio gains:

  • We invest estabilished eCoins.

  • We use quality exchanges, with low fees and high volume.

  • We set trigger warnings to take advantage of profit opportunities 24 hours a day.

  • We diversify our portfolio limits downward exposure.

  • We provide detailed weekly portfolio reports.

  • We strive to be an industry leader in market analysis.

  • We efficiently market both eCoin Assets the eCoin industry as.

  • eCoin Assets marketing focuses on driving visibility on social media platforms.