Successful eCoin Investment Strategies

Prepare for a Financial Shift to Decentralized Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin's exponential growth in recent years, accelerating with widespread adoption is a direct result of the blockchain blossoming into one of the greatest technological advances in financial history. The blockchain decentralizes the creation of currency, and secure financial instruments.

Historically, to buy a stock or a bond, you needed an accredited bank or the NYSE, some sort of central clearing organization that observes the trades and make sure no duplicates are created or fake stocks are sold. With the blockchain we no longer need them, which means people no longer need to trust a boardroom of ananomous bankers not turn their assets into a ponzi scheme as we have seen and are very likely to see again.

In an ever expanding world, where complete strangers buy and sell things internationally the need for security. After the 2008 financial crisis and after the banker bailouts people trust in bankers is wearing thin. ow that we are right back to where we trust in bankers eroded to desperate the problem the blockchain fixes the power held in the central clearing house is the weakness effectively takes monolopistic power away from the central banks and makes them obsolete. We no longer need bankers. The blockchain does the job of the banks, without a single branch, and very importantly no central location or owner that can be criminalized.

Contingency for Regulatory Instability

We are getting in on a burgeoning industry, which is largely unregulated, and quickly mainstreaming. Bitcoin made front page news after prices topped $7,000, $8,000, and $9,000 with no appartent end in sight. ven large hedge funds started eCoin portfolios. Regulations are very likely to be written as more and more large corporations join the market. We have contengency plan for increased regulations that protects us from downside risk.

Corporate Ownership

We take corporate ownership metrics into account with when evaluating the stability of an eCoin. Certain coins seem to meet the future regulators requirements more than others. When banks and other larger corporations choose eCoins, we believe they take the future legal viability into account and have deemed their eCoin holdings as above board. As a result, we see certain coins are traded more by established institutions and less on the deep web markets. While these coins have a lower black market value and, for the time being, lower volume as a result, eCoin Assets stability metrics strategically account for a large corporate ownership and willingness to serve the needs of larger institutions.

Avoid ICO Investments

Hundreds of new ICOs have occurred since August of 2017, each competing for positioning within a niche on these new eCoin financial platforms. The futures market for example is expected to come online We don’t see them affecting the larger eCoins at this point. While many investors see these as great opportunities for large profits, it is our opinion that the value of a coin is often overstated and a couple large investors make the Coin look better than its fundamental projected value.

Track How Big Money Flows

eCoins are a once in a century wealth transfer out of banks and into eCoins. Recently several larger financial institution, such as American Express have warmed up to eCoins and have decided to adopt the new technology rather than fight it. interest of larger corporations and even the country of Japan involved in supporting eCoins.

Avoid ICO Investments

With cryptocurrencies hitting the mainstream, we seek to be part of this massive growth opportunity. It is already becoming clear that eCoins are capable of taking place of fiat currencies. Venezuelans have begun adopting Bitcoin as a usable currency in the face of economic disaster, and many third world countries are reaching out as a means to prevent currency manipulation. By positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of this revolutionary financial tool, we can emerge as leaders as this market begins to reach the 7 billion potential users.